4 Best Web Vulnerability Scanner and Their Reliability!

Web vulnerability Scanner becoming very popular day by day as more and more web getting hacked. Most penetration tester or hackers use hacking tools at some point. If your goal is penetrating a big website which has thousands of page, it will be sometime unrealistic manually finding input point and test vulnerability manually. Because doing everything manually will be a very time-consuming task.

Using Vulnerability Scanner does not make someone script kiddies if the hacker or penetration tester knows what he is doing and how to do it manually. That’s means, he can do everything manually, but to save time he will be using the best web vulnerability scanner to find the hole as fast as possible. We have tested more than 4 Web vulnerability scanner, in this post, we will tell you which one good!

Burp Suite Pro – Our Favorite!

Burp suite is Semi-auto penetration testing or hacking tools. Burp Suite helps us to find and verify web application vulnerability. Burp Suite is an intercepting tool. To use this tool we first need to configure our browser and manually explore the website and pass all requests through the burp suite.

Burp Suite can test vulnerability manually or automatically. But we can verify the vulnerability very easily manually. We love how this tool crawls a website.

Some Screenshot:

Burp suite was able to find a SQL Injection which was missed from Acunetix!

Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner

Perhaps acunetix is the most popular Web Vulnerability Scanning tool used by white-hat and black-hat hackers. It is a fully automated scanner that costs $4500-$11000 Yearly. Acunetix scan for more than 7000 web vulnerability. It also scans vulnerability for various CMS such as WordPress and Joomla.

Acunetix is a tool. Whatever is found by a tool need to be verified manually. Previously we have found some vulnerability with this scanner but was unable to exploit. Another problem is this tool is aggressive. If someone using it to scan a website without permission, a big chance to get caught!

Some Screenshot:

NetSparker is Another Popular Vulnerability Scanner

NetSparker is another widely used web vulnerability scanner used by hacker forces too. Its main feature we like is it has less false positive. For example, Acunetix was not able to find Local File Inclusion vulnerability which was found by Netsparker. This Vulnerability Scanner cost starts from $2000-$10000 per year.


AppSpider – A New Web Scanner in our Collection

AppSpider is Another web vulnerability scanner, perhaps not that popular as Acunetix or Netsparker. We have this vulnerability scanner and tested. But we are a bit confused about its result. It was not able to find a blind SQL injection found by the previous 3 scanners.


Final Words

The vulnerability exists because of Human mistakes. To find those human mistakes, other groups of human-created vulnerability scanners. So nothing is perfect. Still, a Hacker or penetration tester needs to use tools to assist and speed up their work. So we need to use our manual skills to verify all findings by automated tools. Hacker Forces Use multiple vulnerability scanners if required.

Acunetix: This tool has a nice web interface and widely used by Governments, Big companies, professionals and newbie hackers. If someone wants the easiest web vulnerability scanner, this is the good one.

Netsparker: Same as Acunetix but it is desktop software and less costly than Acunetix. If the professional want less false positive then should use this one!

Burp Suite: Mostly used by professional and experienced hackers. A hacker really needs to understand what he is going to attack. Burp Suite code in Java so it is a cross-platform vulnerability testing framework. We prefer the Burp Suite!

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