Hey, We are Hacker Forces!

hacker forces

About Hacker Forces

We are a Team from the dark web. We have already served in the Dark Web a long time ago. After many requests we now want to openly offer our hacking services to all. We want to stay alive. Hope you all help us to survive and offer you our services. Our major services are:

Web, DB, PC & Network Hacking

We enjoyed & Enjoy hacking website, Database, Computer and network. Because we are able to write our own exploits.

Fighting Cyber stalkers and Scammers

We hate scammers and stalkers. We love to fight back them. We have fought so many stalkers and scammers.

Security Config & Accounts Recovery

We helped lots of peoples to recover their hacked accounts. Also we harden system security from other hackers.

Hacker forces Success Rate

Web, Database, Pc & networking Hacking
Web, Database, Pc & networking Hacking 98%
Fighting Stalkers & Scammers
Fight Stalkers and Scammers 90%
Accounts Recovery
Accounts Recovery 95%

Vision of Hacker Forces

Hacker Forces Want to be best hacker services provider company in the world. This is not where our mouth is, we want to prove it at work. Don’t Believe? Well, If you read our blog, you will learn something, that other hackers for hire doesn’t know.

If you don’t know how to start and from where, We can certainly¬† help you. If you need hacking service, you may contact us for free consultation. And if you want to learn hacking, we can help you here too. Both will supported via a chat system. We want everybody get real help from hackers world!

Are we best?

We don’t want answer this question, leaving to answer for our clients. Hacker force prove everything at work.¬†¬†

Latest Hacking Technique

Old Hacking Technique like SSI doesn't work anymore! We always update our skills!

Powerful Technology

Dual core processor or 128 KBPS internet with no graphics card not enough. For us, Everything Powered.

Skill Sharing

Hacker Forces Doesn't sell only the services. We also help you to learn for free. You need to protect yourself.

Certified Hackers

Certificate is just a piece of paper. It doesn't make someone hacker. But still we are CEH,CISSP.