Active Directory Lab Setup for Hacker for Hire to Practice

Active Directory penetration testing is an advanced level of skills in hacking. We are a professional hacker for hire service providers to fight with the latest security and provide our clients with the best penetration testing and ethical hacking services. Our liability is to keep our hacking skills up-to-date. So we have our own lab to practice our skills. Recently, we have quickly set up an active directory attacking lab, which we are going to share with you.

What we need:

We will not show you how to find the right iso and install. Hopefully, you know how to do it. Here we will show you how to set up the active directory only. Assuming, Two operating systems are already installed in your VMware workstation. Let’s configure it now.

Setting up Windows Server 2019

Rename The PC Name

From start menu search for “Rename” And you need to click on “View your PC Name”.

Click on “Rename this pc” and name it something relevant and restart:

Install Active Directory

On server Manager click on “Manage”, Then “Add roles and Features”. Keep clicking until you reach the “Server Roles” and there remember to select “Active Directory Domain Services”:

Next, all options are default. So, finally, click “Install”. Wait, for installation is finished!

Making it domain Controler

Click on the Notification in the Server Manager and from there click “Promot this server to a domain controller”.

In Deployment Configuration Window select “Add a new Forest name”. Give it a “Root domain name”:

In the next window, give it a new password. Install by keeping everything default! After installation is finished it should ask to reboot the machine! After rebooting it should ask us to login as domain administrator:

Adding Domain Users

From the “Tools” menu click “Active Directory Users and Computers”. The Domain name should be listed there, so select the domain.

Click on “Users” and create some new users and administrator users.

We also have added a SMB shared directory:

Windows 10 Settings

  • Create a shared folder in C:\
  • From network, setting set the DNS to Domain control machine IP address.
  • Search domain and click “Access work and schools”, then click on “connect”
  • Click on “Join this device to a local active directory domain”
  • We input the domain name “MACHINE.local”
  • Input your username and password and Restart.
  • Now login as other users and input the user information in Domain Control recently created.

We did not only installed and configured active directory but also some other software!

This is it!

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