• Hacking windows server with Metasploit Pro
    Metasploit Pro is an advanced and automated penetration testing tool developed by rapid7. All Group of hackers knows Metasploit is a popular open-source penetration testing or hacking tool. Using Metasploit community edition we can test a remote network very easily. But if we want more advanced features of a hacking tool, then Metasploit professional is the right tool to pick. Hacker Forces is an ethical hacker team that armed with all open-sources and commercial hacking tools to provide the best hackers for hire services. Gradually … Read more
  • How to Make Kali Linux USB Live Persistence
    We know Kali Linux is a penetration testing Debian based Linux Distro. You can make your USB Device Live with Kali Linux and bring it with you wherever you go. We want to make sure our all hacking tools are installed and up to date. With Normal USB Live, you can upgrade Kali, install your required tools but after a reboot, all changes will go away. To fix this problem, Kali Linux Offer USB Live Persistence boot. In this post, we will show you how … Read more
  • TOP 5 Password Cracking Tools in 2020
    Before listing top 5 password cracking tool, If we talk about what is hacking, then normally peoples will answer who make unauthorized access to computer/accounts …right? But how? The simple answer is by password cracking, are we right? Password is so much loved piece of information in the hacker's world. If a hacker found a SQL Injection vulnerability, his first impression is getting an admin password. If a WIFI network is protected with a password, hackers, even many normal peoples want to steal the password. … Read more
  • Basic to Advanced Error Based SQL Injection Tutorial
    Today we will show you how to hack a website using error-based SQL injection step by step. In this tutorial, you are going to learn a basic and advanced technique for Error-based SQL Injection. We don't only provide you professional hacking services, also we let you know how hacking work. Our target: Let's do it step by step. To test if the site is a vulnerability we request the URL with a single quote in the parameter:' And its output: You have an error … Read more
  • Way to hack a website – TOP 5 Methods
    You may have a question what is the way to hack a website or database. We will explain a few of them in this post. 80% of organizations have a website so their clients can access information as faster as possible. Lots of organizations now accept sign up online as their clients without physically visiting the office. So peoples filling various forms with their sensitive information and all information stored in databases. A website coded by a programmer in various languages such as PHP, .NET, … Read more
  • Metasploit to hack PostgreSQL
    We don't want to talk too much here. We just want to share what we have tried to pentest a PostgreSQL server. The PostgreSQL default port is 5432. We basically will try Metasploit auxiliary modules. Currently, Metasploit has below available modules: msf5 > search postgres Matching Modules ================ # Name Disclosure Date Rank Check Description – —- ————— —- —– ———– 0 auxiliary/admin/http/manageengine_pmp_privesc 2014-11-08 normal Yes ManageEngine Password Manager SQLAdvancedALSearchResult.cc Pro SQL Injection 1 auxiliary/admin/http/rails_devise_pass_reset 2013-01-28 normal No Ruby on Rails Devise Authentication Password Reset … Read more

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