• WIFI Hacking Training By Real Hacker for Hire
    We are a professional ethical hacker team. Our main focus is on providing ethical hacking service. But for a short time, we are offering wifi hacking training for them whoever is interested to learn to hack the wifi hacking technique. Sometimes we get an email that asking if we teach hacking techniques. Usually, our answer is no, we don’t teach how to hack. Because hacking is a long journey, it needs lots of patient and research. But you can learn the wifi hacking technique in … Read more
  • Active Directory Lab Setup for Hacker for Hire to Practice
    Active Directory penetration testing is an advanced level of skills in hacking. We are a professional hacker for hire service providers to fight with the latest security and provide our clients with the best penetration testing and ethical hacking services. Our liability is to keep our hacking skills up-to-date. So we have our own lab to practice our skills. Recently, we have quickly set up an active directory attacking lab, which we are going to share with you. What we need: Windows Server 2019 Windows … Read more
  • Some Useful Linux Command List by Professional Hacker Team
    We are a professional hacker for the team to provide the best possible and ethical hacking services to everyone. We are certified by the various hacking training providers. Anyway, We want to share some useful command list for professional hacker or penetration tester. We will not explain each command. You kindly need to try in your Linux box to see how it works actually. First, we need to understand how Linux Filesystem works: /bin = Binary Directory /boot = Boot files are stored /dev = … Read more
  • A hacker for hire quick information gathering technique revealed!
    Information gathering is the most important and first part for hacking or pentesting a target system successfully. As a hacker for hire, the hacker should understand we hacking to gather information as fast as possible. Whenever we get contacted by a client asking for pentest a system, our first step is to gather some information quickly. But How we do this? We will show you very few examples in this tutorial. But let us be frank, We use various information-gathering tools and google to do … Read more
  • 4 Best Web Vulnerability Scanner and Their Reliability!
    Web vulnerability Scanner becoming very popular day by day as more and more web getting hacked. Most penetration tester or hackers use hacking tools at some point. If your goal is penetrating a big website which has thousands of page, it will be sometime unrealistic manually finding input point and test vulnerability manually. Because doing everything manually will be a very time-consuming task. Using Vulnerability Scanner does not make someone script kiddies if the hacker or penetration tester knows what he is doing and how … Read more
  • Hacking windows server with Metasploit Pro
    Metasploit Pro is an advanced and automated penetration testing tool developed by rapid7. All Group of hackers knows Metasploit is a popular open-source penetration testing or hacking tool. Using Metasploit community edition we can test a remote network very easily. But if we want more advanced features of a hacking tool, then Metasploit professional is the right tool to pick. Hacker Forces is an ethical hacker team that armed with all open-sources and commercial hacking tools to provide the best hackers for hire services. Gradually … Read more

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Hacker Forces is a hire a hacker online service provider, having multiples teams for different types of hacking! We are only to work with you if we are capable to finish the job you request!