Free help from Hacker[condition]

Hacker Forces the team of professional hackers. We are provide our ethical hacking service to all, whoever need it. Everyday, we study, we research, we test our hacking skills to keep it sharp and updated.

We provide many type of hacking service, few name of them are:

  • Website hacking.
  • Database hacking
  • Computer Hacking
  • Wifi hacking.
  • Active Directory Penetration Testing
  • Exploit Development
  • Email hacking.
  • Password Recovery.
  • Fighting Cyber stalker.
  • Content removal.
  • Phone Hacking

And much more!

Conditions for Free Help from Hacker Forces

Sometimes we receive an email for free hacking services. Frankly, we can’t provide you any hacking service for free. It requires hard works, time and patient. But for the easy task, we can help even if you can’t pay us. But if you have to give us something in return! This means, you also need to help us! But be sure, we can’t help you with Web/Database/computer or another complicated hacking task. By the way, You are eligible to ask for simple free help, if you are:

  • If you are a citizen of the USA, UK or other European countries. No Asian, except Malaysia.
  • You need to prove that you are really a citizen of any of these countries.
  • You must be 18+ years old and be honest.

If you have no way to pay us, but still want some help from us, don’t worry to contact us!

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