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Hacker Forces attacked and Spammed by others!

Hello Everybody,

We made a reliable ethical hacker forces to serve everybody on the Internet. Our mission is to provide the best possible ethical hacking and security related services. There are some guys creating their website, optimizing for Google, creating their own review in the various review sites.

Recently, we have seen our server was consuming lots of bandwidth which was suspicious. So we started monitoring the logs file to detect the issue.

We updated our Internal Policy

We have no time to defend every kid. We just care to secure our server and our valuable clients. We are not here to play with spamming. Read the full history of what others are doing!!! To secure our clients, new feature, terms and condition, the privacy policy added:

  1. Who is interested in our service, need to register and order.
  2. We updated our design and layout. We Hope Google and Our clients will take it positively.
  3. We will verify you are real or fake if contacted us on Discord.
  4. Our server now fully protected by trusted SSL and various security software. HTTP no more allowed.
  5. Only one payment method is accepted which won’t require any personal information(BITCOIN).
  6. We will never share our identity or any personal information.
  7. For emergencies, direct phone support is provided!

Hope you guys will take our updated policy positively. We want you to feel secure and safe. Here is why we changed our some terms and policy:

They have done Random website scanning

Proof: You Could find some website listed in

These attack executed by script kiddies. They don’t even know how to find a vulnerability manually. They used Acuinetix and Netsparker to find our site’s vulnerability. But Failed! Our Intrusion Detection alerted us several times that someone tried to execute malicious like code. They need to bypass the firewall, intrusion detection security and of course find vulnerability more carefully.

We would not say, we are perfect in security, but a hacker need to more serious to find someone else problem! They have been blocked! I personally think, they are not even have capability to check if the vulnerability false or true positive. I hope they can be success in next time!

Careful, Our site is cloned by Others!

Several members of hacker forces not a native language speaker. But still we share, publish in our blog and website what is in our mind. But some peoples not even comfortable to write their own article. They just want to rank their site in google or trick the innocent hacker for hire seeker.

So they simply copied our site and published with automated tools. Their tools forgot to remove our Company name from the page. Also The design is same as ours.

Do you see? They simply cloned our site and replaced some words. This is obvious that they trying to confuse Google, Clients and us!

They also tried to make our site blacklisted by various spam detection organizations. We had a downtime.

We believe their next plan will be intentionally reviewing our site and services as bad.


Hacker Forces!

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