Top 10 Method for Hacking Facebook Account

Lots of peoples hire a hacker to hack Facebook account. But Today Hacker Forces going to reveal 10 Working Facebook Hacking methods used by General Hackers or Hacker for hire. If you can learn these methods, you don’t need to hire a hacker to hack someone’s Facebook account.

Hacking someone’s Facebook account is not the purpose of this post. You learn to protect your account!

Hacking Facebook Account by Keylogging

Hacking a Facebook account with a keylogger is an easier method. Keylogger is a small program. A keylogger can be created in a variety of programming languages. A keylogger software no more than 4MB in size. If the keylogger created with c/c++ language, the size of it will be about 100 Kilobyte to 500 Kilobyte.

The most efficient keylogger is created with c/c++. Usually, Hackers are creating these keyloggers in c# language these days because c# language is easier than c/c++ and .NET framework comes with Windows 10 as default.

Usually, Hackers bind the keylogger with legit software like Adobe Software. If the software is installed on the victim, then whatever the victim type in his computer will be sent to the hacker’s web server, FTP Server or to the specified email address.

Anyone can buy Keylogging software from hackers to hack your Facebook account. We also sell our own software. There is some free keylogging software, but it aggressively detected by antivirus. That is normal users prefer to buy private keylogging software

Hacking Facebook Account by Phishing

Phishing is as yet the most famous assault vector utilized for hacking Facebook accounts. There are different strategies to complete a phishing assault.

In straightforward phishing assaults, a hacker makes a phony login page which precisely resembles the genuine Facebook page and afterward requests that the injured individual sign in. When the targeted individual logs in through the phony page, the exploited people are put away into a text file.

For increasing the success rate, the hacker needs to get a domain similar to to avoid suspicion. With little efforts, anyone can create such a phony Facebook page and can hack someone’s Facebook account.

Some peoples hire a hacker to hack a Facebook account, who can’t even configure a fake page for phishing. We will post more articles explaining these methods.

Hacking Facebook Account by Session Hijacking

session hijacking, sometimes also known as cookie hijacking is the exploitation of a valid computer session—sometimes also called a session key—to gain unauthorized access to information or services in a computer system. Read More:

There is 3 well-known method to hijack the session:

  • Session Fixation: Hackers send the session/cookie to the victim with some crafted links, If the link is clicked without observation, Then the hacker will be able to login to the account without a password.
  • Cross-Site Scripting: With this method, the hacker can obtain the cookie without being detected.
  • Side Jacking: If the victim connected to the unencrypted network, he can sniff the cookie easily. To make this job easier, Hacker can set up an evil twin attack to make the victim connect to his Fake WIFI access point. This will make the job much easier.

Hacking Facebook Account by DNS Spoofing

This attack only works if the victim and the hacker in the same network. The hacker can use some tools like bettercap to redirect the victim to his fake Facebook login page and steal the password.

Facebook Account Hacking by Password Resetting

Hacking Facebook Account by password resetting? Is it a hacking method? This method seems very simple and not look like a hacking… right? But it also a hacking method. Facebook has a password recovery secret question options.

Hacker will social-engineer victim’s Date of birth, Real Name, known few Facebook Friend names, etc. Then he will try to reset the password. In password resetting time Whenever Facebook asked for some personal information, he is free to provide all the correct info that got from you.

Frankly, hackers need to be experienced in social engineering. If you have good communication skills, you can make fool your loved one :).

Phone Hacking

Do you have any idea that how many peoples login to Facebook using their phone? Most of us will use a smartphone to log in to Facebook accounts.

If you hire a hacker who is legit, or a black hat hacker will try to hack the phone by phone hacking software. A good phone hacking software can spy the password. Anyone can buy a phone-hacking app like spy note, and install it on the victim’s phone.

We also have such a good phone spying software that can spy any kind of online account associated with the phone.

Hacking Facebook Account by Email Account Hack

The above method of Facebook account hacking can be applied for email ID hacking too. How about, If you can’t find the correct password of Facebook but you got access to the Email Account? You easily can reset the Facebook password.

Facebook Password Stealing by USB

How about you plug a USB device to your victim computer and it automatically gets all password saved to USB in seconds? Seems interesting … no? Yes, it is a good method if you can reach to your victim machine. What you need is:

If you have all of this, then follow the instruction in GitHub.

WIFI Hacking

If a hacker or you, can somehow hack the WiFi network of the victim, He can easily sniff passwords. In this case, he can sniff all passwords. For this reason WiFi hacking popularity growing day by day. Just think a little about another attack DNS spoofing! 🙂

Viewing the Browser saved password

hacking facebook account explained by hacker forces

Most users are lazy to type the password every time they log in to their accounts. So they allow browsers to remember the password.

If a person(say, yourself), or the hacker somehow can open the browser, then he/you can steal the victim’s password very easily. This is also a password hacking method.

In this post, you learned how a hacker can hack a Facebook account. If you think like us(AKA, A hacker), Have confidence like a hacker, and the time+patient. You never need to hire a hacker for a Facebook account.

But there is 1-2 method left, such as Facebook Website vulnerability. None should think, Facebook is perfect. They also have a vulnerability, which only can be found by professional hackers. Oh, Don’t believe? See Here they also ask for help from Whitehat professional hacker: .

By the way, We offer various hacking services. We are more experienced than you as this is our professional job. If you need to hire a hacker for any hacking related help, Don’t hesitate to contact us!

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