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We are receiving large number of contacts everyday. We do our best to help you if it is even quick simple questions. But If you have some trust on us, don’t want to waste time by sending mail and it is urgent, then you should directly order our service. After order we will review your order and get back to you within an hour by email or phone number you provided. Make sure, these information is correct!

Please evaluate our time.   Want to chat with us right now? Install Gajim or pidgin, Open an XMPP account quickly at https://xmpp.jp and connect to us!

  • Address: Publicly not visible!
  • Phone: Hidden for Premiums
  • XMPP Instant Chat: hackerforces@xmpp.jp.


Send Payment to This BTC Wallet: 1JJyUN3hvGJdUWgpDEhtYkSNuwxx7CRB7k

Note: You need to send minimum $500 for any service to fully confirm the order!
USE comma to separate multiple targets.