3 Reason Kali Linux is Best – Hiring Top Hackers!

Kali used by the White hat and Black hat hackers. Some of our Ethical Hackers For Hire also use Kali Linux. This Distro is a Debian-based version of Linux that is designed to support penetration testing found by Offensive Security.

Offensive Security customizes Debian testing, Install opensource and freemium penetration testing or hacking tools and redistribute as standalone Linux Hacker’s Operating System. In one sentence, It is a Debian based Linux operating system with pre-built of lots of penetration testing tools.

You can download Kali Linux for Testing: https://www.kali.org/downloads/

Why Hackers For Hire use Kali Linux?

More than 600 Tools Included with Kali Linux

3 Reason Kali Linux is Best - Hiring Top Hackers! 1

Does a hacker really need more than 600 Hacking tools? Not really. But they did the hard work by installing these in the distro. If someone wants to get started with hacking, Kali Linux is more than enough.

Well Categorized all tools

All tools well categorized. A new user doesn’t need to find specific tools randomly. The most popular used tools by hackers categorized in specific sections. For example, Aircrack-ng in Wireless and Hydra in Password Category.

Debian Based

Debian is Popular and most oldest Linux distribution. Also, Debian is our favorite Linux Operating system. Other popular Linux operating system like Ubuntu is based on Debian, So Kali.

Pre-compiled Opensource hacking tools

Many opensource tools require compilation and manual configuration. Kali team did this for everyone. You don’t need to compile any c++ code yourself.

Although all software can be installed on any Linux operating system, Kali Linux is great for saving time. But if Kali Linux is installed or you know how to run it then that professional hacker is not what it is. This Distro is just for use as a tool. Like we use it on VMWare Workstation.

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