Professional Hacker’s Methodologies

First of all, we want to tell you that hacking is not fictional magic. For best results, a professional hacker hacks by following some rules. There is some hacking methodology every serious hacker needs to follow.

It is not something like You gave us your target to hack and told us to hack it within an hour. It is impossible. If someone claiming you to do that, then he is obviously a scammer or a liar. 

Below I have highlighted 4 hacking methodologies of professional hackers. Not just us, every professional hacker will follow these rules.

Hacking Methodologies of a Professional Hacker

We can not jump to the last section and try to hack with random hacking tools like a stupid hacker. Our goal is successfully to hack the target, not wasting time. Any hacker who wants to be a success in his job, need to follow these professional hacker methodologies!


First, we try to gather as much information as possible. Because our success depends on this information. Here we do search about the target, Find the social information, Find the technology used. We do it manually and automatically.

Vulnerability Analysis

When we will have enough information, we start vulnerability analyzing. For example, In this step, we figure out what Ports are open, What operating system the target is using and the version of software used.

Here we use some commercial, open-source tools and manually to find the exploitable vulnerability.


Our goal is not just to find a vulnerability. We have to get access to you and do the thing you wanted us to do. Successfully exploitation completely depends on the previous two-phase. It depends on how hard we worked there.

For example, If we found an overflow type vulnerability, then here we write an exploit. In this step, we need more hard to exploit the vulnerability because most of the thing we need to do manually.

Post Exploitation and Covering Tracks

The job is not done yet. After successfully hacking(Exploiting) into the system. Our future access depends on this phase. Here the hacker will install an advanced backdoor. And clean all the logs very carefully.

Every phase needs to be completed very carefully. A small mistake can make all process useless and bring big trouble. So Every professional hacker for hire always needs to be aware of it.

The sooner we want to do everything, the less the success rate will be. Remember, We need to check thousands of vulnerabilities. Manual testing is more time consuming than automation.


We use different types of hacking software. It can be open sources, commercial or coded by us. The problem is automation is not perfect. So most of the vulnerability and exploitation we need to do manually.

Popular Hacker Operating System

We use Debian and Kali Linux for Hacking and penetration testing purposes. Windows Operating System is not an operating system for hackers for hire(At least for us).

Commercial Hacking Software

We use some commercial hacking software. They are effective but still sometimes require manual action. Some of the commercial Software we use is Acuinitix, NetSpark, Metasploit Professional and Core Impact.

Open Source Hacking Software

Most of the free and open-source hacking software is available in Github. We love open sources. Because open-source software is modifiable. In Kali Linux, most of the tools are open source tools.


We want to provide you real hacking services. Our goal is not making fun with peoples who need help from hackers for hire. Hacker force proves everything at work.

We know what we do

We are not script kiddies. This is our earned skilled from hard works.

Professional Hackers

We are a professional hacker. Our skills not for crime purposes.

Certified Hackers

A Certificate is not important for a hacker. But still, we completed many hacking certifications!

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