TOP 5 Password Cracking Tools in 2020

Before listing top 5 password cracking tool, If we talk about what is hacking, then normally peoples will answer who make unauthorized access to computer/accounts …right? But how? The simple answer is by password cracking, are we right? Password is so much loved piece of information in the hacker’s world. If a hacker found a SQL Injection vulnerability, his first impression is getting an admin password. If a WIFI network is protected with a password, hackers, even many normal peoples want to steal the password.

Database, protected web page, Social Media accounts, important computers everything is protected by passwords. Most users use a password within the length of 4-10 characters. Finding these characters in any way called password cracking. And to support and speed up the password cracking process hackers are developed many tools for password cracking.

All tools may not work well for everyone. Some password cracking tools require advanced knowledge and some will work with minimum skills. But what is the best and top password cracking tools? We are going to list TOP 5 Password Cracking Tools in 2020!

HashCat- The world’s Fastest Password Hash Cracking Tool

Yes, HashCat is the fastest password cracking tool. In the past Jhon the ripper, Cain and Able and some other password cracking tools were so popular. For the last few years hashcat taken the place. This is not an online password cracking tool.

This cracking tool used to crack the password hash offline. Everybody knows, password usually is encrypted and stored in a secure place of a computer. Do you know where the SAM file is located in windows 10? A normal user never needs this sam file. But a hacker loves this file. The text you can see in the SAM file is encrypted(Not readable). Here HashCat comes to play. HashCat can make a dictionary or brute force attack. And if you have a powerful computer, you can crack the password within a few hours.

HashCat can crack many kind of password hash. Few of them:

  • MD4
  • MD5
  • Half MD5
  • SHA1
  • SHA2-224
  • SHA2-256
  • SHA2-384
  • SHA2-512
  • SHA3-224
  • SHA3-256
  • SHA3-384
  • SHA3-512
  • Keccak-224
  • Keccak-256
  • Keccak-384
  • Keccak-512
  • BLAKE2b-512
  • SipHash
  • RIPEMD-160
  • Whirlpool
  • GOST R 34.11-94
  • GOST R 34.11-2012 (Streebog) 256-bit
  • GOST R 34.11-2012 (Streebog) 512-bit
  • md5($pass.$salt)
  • md5($salt.$pass)
  • md5(utf16le($pass).$salt)
  • md5($salt.utf16le($pass))
  • md5($salt.$pass.$salt)
  • md5($salt.md5($pass))
  • md5($salt.md5($salt.$pass))
  • md5($salt.md5($pass.$salt))
  • md5(md5($pass))
  • md5(md5($pass).md5($salt))
  • md5(strtoupper(md5($pass)))
  • md5(sha1($pass))
  • sha1($pass.$salt)
  • sha1($salt.$pass)
  • sha1(utf16le($pass).$salt)
  • sha1($salt.utf16le($pass))
  • sha1(sha1($pass))
  • sha1($salt.sha1($pass))
  • sha1(md5($pass))
  • sha1($salt.$pass.$salt)
  • sha1(CX)
  • sha256($pass.$salt)
  • sha256($salt.$pass)
  • sha256(utf16le($pass).$salt)
  • sha256($salt.utf16le($pass))
  • sha512($pass.$salt)
  • sha512($salt.$pass)
  • sha512(utf16le($pass).$salt)
  • sha512($salt.utf16le($pass))
  • HMAC-MD5 (key = $pass)
  • HMAC-MD5 (key = $salt)
  • HMAC-SHA1 (key = $pass)
  • HMAC-SHA1 (key = $salt)
  • HMAC-SHA256 (key = $pass)
  • HMAC-SHA256 (key = $salt)
  • HMAC-SHA512 (key = $pass)
  • HMAC-SHA512 (key = $salt)
  • DES (PT = $salt, key = $pass)
  • 3DES (PT = $salt, key = $pass)
  • Skip32 (PT = $salt, key = $pass)

If you have a powerful Graphics card, it can crack much faster than usual.

Find more details:

Aircrack – Most popular for Wifi Password Cracking

Aircrack is mostly used for WIFI password cracking. Aircrack-ng is a suite of wifi penetration testing tools. If some want to get into WIFI hacking, his first study should about aircrack-ng suites. Aircrack is more popular because it has almost all required side tools for wifi penetration, For example, airomon-ng, airodump-ng.

If you want to learn wifi hacking follow the link:

OPHCRACK – Windows Password cracking Tool

ophcrack is a free and opensource password cracking tool. This cracking tool used to crack any windows login password. Don’t make mistake by thinking it can crack windows 10 passwords remotely. If you want to crack a windows administrator password, you need to have physical access to the computer for a few minutes.

More details:

THC HYDRA – Faster Protocol type Password Cracker

The Hydra is a really faster online protocol password cracking tool. This tool is no more developed by the original developer.

If you want to crack SSH, POP3, SMTP, etc password, Hydra could be the best tool to pick up.

Download and Compile:

Medusa – Another Fast Protocol Password Cracker

Medusa is another protocol password cracking tool that could be used alternatively to Hydra. This tool cracks the login password in parallel mode.

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