WIFI Hacking Training By Real Hacker for Hire

We are a professional ethical hacker team. Our main focus is on providing ethical hacking service. But for a short time, we are offering wifi hacking training for them whoever is interested to learn to hack the wifi hacking technique. Sometimes we get an email that asking if we teach hacking techniques. Usually, our answer is no, we don’t teach how to hack. Because hacking is a long journey, it needs lots of patient and research. But you can learn the wifi hacking technique in a short time. So we decided to offer our hands-on wifi hacking training at this moment.

Why WIFI hacking Training Is Important?

The WIFI network is growing day by day and getting popular. Most organizations network connected to their router and enabled WIFI Access point. Sometimes it is much easier to hack a system by hacking the WIFI network. Because sometimes it is not possible to find internal vulnerability from outside of the network. You can do much more if you have access to someone’s wifi network!

What You can Do with Hacked The Hacked WIFI?

You can do much more with the victim, if you have access to victim’s wifi network. We want to highlight few doable task:

  • You can spy mostly anything.
  • You can pentest the internal network more easily.
  • You can perform social engineering more easily.

What you Need?

You need to prepare yourself before you starting wifi hacking training with Hacker Forces. But you don’t really need lots of thing. But mandatory tools are:

  1. A Laptop.
  2. Vmware workstation.
  3. Kali Linux.
  4. Wifi Adapter.

What will we Teach You?

None can make you a hacker. To learn hacking, you need to learn to think like a hacker. Our WIFI Hacking Training will teach you everything about hacking a wifi network. Such as:

  1. Discovering the Target network.
  2. Hacking and accessing the network.
  3. Various exploitation After having access to the network.
  4. Owning the Operating System.

Why Should you Learn from Us?

We are not a training vendor like offensive security. You will not get any certificate from us. There is only a special reason to learn from us is you will learn from a real-world hacker team. You will learn to think like a hacker. You may get some topics easy and some topics advanced. We will teach you over teamviewer. You may have a chance to work with too(If you like).

If you want to learn WIFI hacking technique from the real hacker for hire service providers, this is the chance. We will only teach a few person and close our training offer. Because, we won’t get free time for this. And this training only for a few days(3-7 days).

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